Customizing the Number of Days to Display in the Week View

By default, the week view will display seven days. You customize your view to display up to 14 days.

To customize the number of days your week view will display:

1. In the upper right corner of your calendar, click Settings.

2. In the left navigation, click Layout. In the right column under Week View, enter the number of days you wish to display.

3. Click Save to save the changes to your current view, or enter a name and click Create New to create a new view.

Some other settings which may interest you for your week view:

  • Would you like to shade Saturday and Sunday? Turn Hide weekend shading off.
  • Would you like your week view to always begin on the first day of the week? Turn Start on clicked date off. If this is on, the first day in the week view will be the day which you select in the date picker calendar on the left.
  • Would you like your week to start on Monday rather than Sunday? That setting is in the General settings.