Sending an Avails Link

When sending an avails report, the Generate Link option allows you to send the avails from your own email account, reducing the risk that the message sent from EB will be flagged as spam. Generate Link also allows recipients to view your avails report as a web page, removing the difficulties of viewing through email.

To send an Avails report link:

  1. Hover over Calendars.
  2. Click Avails.

  1. Select your avails preset from the drop-down menu.

Typically, a venue will have a calendar avails report and a side-by-side avails report.

Calendar Avails Example

Side-by-Side Avails Example

  1. Select a calendar shortcut from the drop-down or check the calendars you would like to be included in the avails report.
    Note: For more information on calendar shortcuts, please see the full article.

  1. Set the date range by typing the dates directly into the fields, or click the calendar icon and pick them from the visual menu.

  1. Click Refresh HTML Preview
  2. Enter at least a subject.
    Note: Your subject will appear on the generated avails page.
  3. Click Generate Link.

  1. You now have the option to either:
    1. Copy and paste the link into your email, or
    2. Click link to bring up a new email in your default mail client that will have your avails link and other information from EventBooking already entered.

Following the link will take the recipient to a page similar to the one shown below.

Note: This web page will not update automatically. When changes are made to your calendar, a new avails report must be sent out in order to include the latest updates.