Using the Event Search Page

This article will walk you through searching for an event using the event search page.

Video Tutorial

Using the Event Search Page

  1. Hover over Calendars.
  2. Click Event Search.

  1. Type a search term or event ID into the search field.
    Note: You can leave this field blank if you would like to rely on just the search filters that will be applied in the following steps.

  1. Click Advanced Filtering to expand a list of advanced search options.

  1. Words allows you to select how you want your results to match your search term.
    • Any will provide results that match any words in any order.
    • All will provide results that match all words in any order.
    • Exact will provide results that match all words in the exact order they were entered.

  1. Tags lets you restrict your search results to only events that have the selected tags.

  1. Status allows you to select specific statuses to be included in the search.

  1. Date Range allows you to set date parameters for your search. By setting only one, you can also search for all events before or after a specific date.
  1. Calendars allows you to narrow your search to look at specific calendars.

  1. Once you have all of your parameters set, click Search.

  1. The results will be grouped based on event levels, which you can switch between by clicking their respective tabs.
  2. Click the arrows to the right of a heading to arrange the results based on that information.