Running an Event Detail Report

The Event Detail Report allows you to quickly report on specific, selected information for a grouping, event or timeframe.

Example of an Event Detail Report

To set up and run an Event Detail Report:

  1. Hover over Reports.
  2. Click Canned Reports.

  1. Select a report header from the drop-down, if you would like to use one.
    Note: If your account does not have a report header, you can contact support by emailing or calling 865.966.4900 to request one.

  1. If you would like to run the report for only a specific grouping or event instead of a set timeframe, you can search for and select an event.

  1. Set the start and end date by either manually typing the dates or by using the visual date picker.

  1. Select the information you would like included in the report, such as basic information and your account's specific custom fields.
  2. Click Preview.