Moving Timeline Items with an Event

Have you tried to move an event only to have the timeline items show out of range?

This article will walk you through moving an event, along with all of its timeline items, to a new date. This can be done from either the Event Details page or the Calendars page.

From the Event Details Page

  1. Navigate to the event details page for the event you would like to move.
  2. Click Move.

  1. Set the desired start date for the event.
  2. Click Move.

  1. Your timeline items will be moved with the event.

From Calendars

  1. Navigate to the month in which your event takes place.

  1. Drag and drop the event onto the desired start date.

  1. Confirm that the date is correct and click OK.

  1. Your event is now moved to the new date, along with all of its timeline items.

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