Copying Events

Copying an event can be useful when you need to make multiple events that contain the same information. An example of this would be quickly booking an entire season of basketball games that may each need the same operations notes, time lines and contact information. While the Event Bin is useful for batch-editing multiple events, it is limited to the particular fields of information that can be edited, while the Copy function can copy much more. Just create one event and make copies to different dates, bringing over the relevant information for each new event.

Steps to copy an event:

  1. Click Actions on the upper-right of the event details page.
  2. Hover over Copy to.
  3. Click one of the following options:
    • New Event will create copies as single standalone events with no grouping.
    • Existing Grouping will create copies in a different but already existing grouping. You will see a search box allowing you to search for the existing event into which you want to copy. Hover for an example.
    • If the current event is already in a group, selecting [Grouping Name] (in this case, No Directions) will copy the event into the same existing grouping. This option will only appear if the event is currently in a grouping.

  1. Select the date(s) to which you would like to copy the event. You can select multiple dates by clicking on the calendar and each additional copy will create a separate event, appearing as a new row on the right.
    Note: Although you can set the starting time/date of each copy, the duration of each event is fixed. This is because it is copied from the original event.
  2. Click Add.

  1. On the left hand side, you will see an event family tree. Make sure the event in question is checked. If this event has sub-events, you can check the sub-event(s) and copies of those will be made as well.
  2. On the right hand side, you will first see a list of events which will be copied from the original. You can give each event on this list its own name and status if you would like. By default, these are inherited from the original event.
  3. Below the list of new events, there is a check list of different event information parts such as Event Type, Contact, Notes, etc. You can click All to quickly select everything or select just the individual parts you need. If you are copying an event with sub-events or functions, you will be able to switch to the sub-event tab and select the components of the sub-event(s) to be copied as well.
  4. Once your selections have been made, click Copy.

  1. Click OK to dismiss the copy results dialog.
    Note: The conflict/overlap checking will still be in effect, warning or preventing you from double-booking dates.

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