Using the Universal Search

Video Tutorial

Using the Universal Search

The Univeral Search box, located at the top of all pages in EventBooking, allows you to quickly search for events and address book items.

You can use the Universal Search to search for:

    • Groupings, Events and Sub-Events by name
    • Companies, People, Artists and Venues by name
    • Groupings, Events, Sub-Events and Address Book items by ID

Note: Some accounts have specifically requested that Sub-Events be excluded from their Universal Search.

Tips for using the universal search:

  • Start typing and the system instantly begins searching for any entry that matches the letters typed. For wider results, use fewer letters.
  • The results drop-down will show status colors or address book type icons to the left of a result's name and will say if the result is a grouping, event, person, company, etc. to the right.

For a more detailed search, you can use the event search or address book search pages.