Servers and Backups

Web Hosting

The app is hosted with Amazon Web Services.

How Do We Do Backups?

Disaster recovery has two main components:

  1. Protecting against data loss
  2. Avoiding downtime

To avoid data loss, databases are backed up to Amazon's S3 service, which is a highly redundant storage system. We do:

  • a full backup of the database once a week.
  • a differential once per day.
  • logs every hour.

Even in the absolute worst case — one of Amazon's data centers being destroyed, for instance — less than one hour of data entry will be affected.

We also back up file uploads (pictures, documents) hourly to S3.

We also have a number of procedures to avoid downtime in a disaster situation. For example, we take snapshots of our servers periodically so that we can relaunch them as quickly as possible.