Custom Field Options

If your venue has unique information that you need to capture, custom fields can be added to your account to gather the data. Custom fields are often used in conjunction with custom forms to create contracts, work orders, and other documents. Custom field options are below.

Note: Custom fields and custom forms are a premium feature.

Short Text/Long Text

Custom fields include a short text field (one line only) and a long text field (two or more lines of text).

Radio Button

A radio button custom field is used when only one option can be selected.


A single-select dropdown is used when you want a user to select from specific options for reporting purposes.


Currency is a field that represents money. We can match any of the major world currencies—let us know which currency you need.


An integer custom field is a number that must be counted in single digits, such as event attendance.

Real Number

Real numbers may include decimal places. Let us know how many decimal places you need.


Percents range from 0 to 100 and may include decimal places. Let us know how many decimal places you need.


Calculated is a custom field that can automatically calculate simple equations from other numeric fields (such as Net Income in the example below).

Unique ID

If you need to generate a unique event ID for internal purposes, use the unique ID custom field. (Note that this is different from the event ID generated by the database.)

Address Book Object (ABObject)

Use the address book object (or ABObject) custom field if you would like to link to a person, company, venue, or artist in your address book for reporting/tracking purposes. Let us know which kind of abobject (if specified) you wish to link to.


The AppUser custom field will provide a list of all the individuals who have usernames and passwords to your account in a single-select dropdown.


The website custom field gives you the option to provide a link to any website associated with an event.


Search and pin any location in the world with the location custom field.


Use a checkbox custom field when you can select more than one option.


Use the date/time custom field to track when a transaction occurred.


If you have a document or other media item (such as a contract) that you need to track per event, the media custom field links directly to you media library. Each media custom field attaches one media item. Let us know if you want to include or exclude private media.

WYSIWYG Custom Field

The WYSIWG custom field lets you format and type in whatever information you need as if you were working with a word document. You can save an initial default and then complete the field for each event. The WYSIWYG custom field outputs directly to custom forms.