Navigating Dates on the Calendar

There are multiple ways to navigate between dates on the calendar view, and different users will find that a particular method may work better for them in general or for a specific purpose.



This article will walk you through navigating between dates on the calendar view using:

Date Picker

  1. Locate the date picker on the left side of the calendar view.

  1. Click the current month.
  2. Click the month to which you would like to navigate.
  3. Click the current year.
  4. Click the year to which you would like to navigate.
  5. Click on a day within that month and year to confirm the navigation.
    Note: You will need to click on a specific day even if you are using the month or week views.


  1. Locate the slider above the date picker.

  1. Drag the slider forward or backward to move anywhere within a year before or after the currently selected date.

Navigation Buttons

  • Today will take you to the current date with a single click, regardless of the date you are currently on.
  • The left and right buttons will move the date forward or backward one step. The length of the step depends on the type of view currently in use: the month view will move a month into the past or future, whereas the week view will move by a week and the daily view by a single day.


Auto-scroll is activated by default and allows you to move one step forward or backward by just using your mouse wheel. If you find that this feature is not working for you, please complete the following steps to reactivate this feature.

  1. Click More.
  2. Click Auto-scroll.

  1. Once Auto-scroll is checked, you will be able to move one step forward or backward by just using your mouse wheel.

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