Exporting the Calendar to PDF

This article will walk you through exporting a calendar to a PDF document. You can do this by:

  1. Generating a Report as a PDF
  2. Using the Google Chrome Print Dialog

Generating a Report as a PDF

  1. Hover over Reports.
  2. Click Overview.

  1. Select a calendar report to run.
    Note: Most venues will have a calendar report shared out to all users. These are typically called Calendar Report, Compact Calendar, Event Calendar or something similar. If this is not the case, you can contact EventBooking support via email at support@eventbooking.com or via phone at 865.966.4900 to have a calendar report created for you.
  2. Select the timespan for which you would like to run the report.
  3. Make sure the PDF radio button is selected.
  4. Click Generate [REPORT].

  1. Follow the prompts from your browser to open the PDF or save it to the appropriate location on your computer.

Using the Google Chrome Print Dialog

  1. Click Calendars.

  1. Click More.
  2. Click Print.

  1. Make sure Destination is set to Save as PDF. If it isn't, click Change... and select this option.
  2. Make sure the box for Headers and footers is not checked.
  3. Make sure the box for Background colors and images is checked.
  4. Click Save.

  1. On the Save As dialog, select where on your computer you would like to save the PDF, give the file a different name, etc.
  2. Click Save.