Managing Stock

Video Tutorial

Managing Stock

This article will walk you through:

  1. Navigating to the Resource Details Page
  2. Adding a Stock Quantity
  3. Editing a Stock Quantity
  4. Deleting Stock Quantities
  5. Recognizing Stock Warnings
  6. Running the Stock Alerts Report

  1. Hover over Resources.
  2. Click Resource Library.
  1. Click the name of the resource item for which you are looking. (For more information on searching for resources, please refer to this article.)
  1. Click Stock Register.

Adding a Stock Quantity

  1. Click Add.
  1. Set the date on which you want this stock quantity to be in effect.
  2. Set the quantity of the resouce that will be in possession as of the effective date.
  3. Optionally enter a note for this stock quantity.
  4. Click Save.
  1. Your new stock quantity has been added.

Editing a Stock Quantity

  1. Click Edit next to the stock quantity you want to adjust.
  1. Set the new effective date, quantity or note for your stock quantity.
  2. Click save.

Deleting Stock Quantities

  1. Check the box next to all of the stock quantities you want to delete.
  2. Click Remove.
  1. Confirm that you want to delete these stock quantities on the warning that displays.

Recognizing Stock Warnings

With stock quantities set for a resource, the program will alert you when there is a conflict between events. Two of the ways it will do this are:

  • When attempting to add a resource to an event, you will see the number of available units. (This is only a warning: users are still able to add any number of the resource to events.)
  • When viewing resources that have been added to an event, the Used Qty. number will have a red warning symbol next to it if the resource is over-allocated.

Running the Stock Alerts Report

  1. Hover over Reports.
  2. Click Canned Reports.
  1. Click Inventory.
  2. Click Stock Alerts.
  1. Set the date range on which you would like to run the report.
  2. Click PDF.
  1. You will now have a PDF document showing you all stock conflicts for the specified date range.