Using Company-Wide Address Book Tags

Why use Company-Wide Address Book Tags?

Company-wide address book tags are helpful for categorization of companies and contacts in your address book. They are also an added parameter for when you search the address book, and can be used to create email groups.

Please note that while each user can set up his or her own Groups in the address book, company-wide groups that can be seen by ALL users can only be assigned to companies and contacts by users who are address book managers.

As an example of how company-wide address book tags are used, you could give a contact a tag called "Avails" to easily mark him or her as someone to whom you routinely send avails; you could give a company a tag to mark it as belonging to a given market segment (e.g. Corporate, University, International, etc.); or you could give an address book object a tag as a warning flag, such as "Didn't Pay."

How do I add Company-Wide Address Book Tags?

Contact Customer Support for EventBooking by sending an email to and state (1) which tags you would like to be added and (2) whether you would like for the tags to be assigned to a particular Address Book Object type (i.e. companies, venues, people or artists) or if you would like them to be applicable to all Address Book Objects.

How do I use Company-Wide Address Book Tags?

  1. Hover over AddressBook and click Search.

  1. Type in a search term for the Address Book Object you would like to tag and click Search.

  1. Click on the tab for the type of Address Book Object for which you are searching then click the actual name of the Address Book Object.

  1. Click on the edit icon.

  1. Tick whichever tags you would like to be applied to the Address Book Object.

  1. Click Save.

  1. Note that the tags you selected are now listed under the Tags tab.