Using the Address Book Search Page

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will walk you through using the address book search feature and exporting an Excel spreadsheet with the results.

Using the Address Book Search Page

  1. Hover over Address Book.
  2. Click Search.

  1. Click the type drop-down.
  2. Select the type of address book item for which you would like to search, or select all to search for all companies, people, venues and artists that match the rest of your search criteria.

  1. You can enter a term or string of words for which to search.

  1. The Any, All and Exact radio buttons allow you to modify how your search term is applied:
    • Any will find results that contain any of the words you type in any order.
    • All will force it to only find address book objects that contain all of the words, but in any order. In this case, it could pull up a company called "River City Event" because it contains both Event and City.
    • Exact will force it to find all of the words in the exact order they are typed.

  1. The tags drop-down allows you to narrow the search to only results with certain tags applied.

  1. Click Search.

  1. Once your results have displayed, you can click the Excel icon to export the search results as an Excel document.