Why are my calendars blank?

You've logged into your EB account to check your calendar, and your calendars are completely blank - no events! Let's do a little troubleshooting to discover the problem.

Is the left sidebar colored red?

In the left sidebar of your calendar view is a list of calendars - each calendar represents a bookable space. If your calendar list is shaded red as in the image above, you have no calendars selected. In order to see events, you’ll need to select one or more calendars.

You may select the checkbox to the left of each calendar that you wish to view:

Or click in the shortcut box to select a calendar shortcut to easily see groups of calendars:

But I don't have any calendars to select!

If your calendar list looks like the image above - shaded red, but with no calendars listed - then your permissions are not set up correctly. Please contact the account admin at your venue or contact us (support@eventbooking.com or 865-966-4900).

Once your permissions have been updated, you'll need to sign out and back in. Once you've logged back in jump down to Are your Calendar Settings Correct? and follow steps one and two to correct your calendar settings.

Are there events to display?

If you've confirmed that calendars are selected, double check when you are looking at - have you mistakenly chosen a date in the past or future where no events are booked? Click on Today to quickly go to the present to see if that's the issue.

Are your calendar settings correct?

You've selected calendars, you've confirmed that there are events on those dates - it's time to check your calendar settings.

1. In the upper right corner, click Settings:

2. In the left navigation, select Event. On the Event page, select the Event button.

3. In the Display section, choose the information you would like to see on your calendar or in the pop-up box:

4. In the Statuses section, choose the event statuses you would like to see on your calendar. A typical setting is to view all statuses except cancelled.

5. Click Save at the top to save your changes and return to the calendar view.

6. You should now see events on your calendar.

None of that worked! What do I do now?

Contact us! Email support@eventbooking.com or call 865-966-4900. You may be having browser issues or other technical problems that we can assist with (we can walk you through troubleshooting your browser, or there are instructions below).

Using a Supported Browser

EventBooking supports Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 (or higher). Which of these icons do you click to get online?

If you use Chrome, Firefox or Safari:

Please contact EventBooking support via phone (865.966.4900) or email.

If you are using Internet Explorer:
  1. Click the gear icon or question mark icon on the far right side of the browser window.
  2. Click About Internet Explorer.

  1. Look at the version number on the window that pops up. If it is less than 9.x.x.x, you will need to update Internet Explorer or switch to Chrome, Firefox or another browser. If you are using at least Internet Explorer 9, please continue following these steps.

  1. Press F12 on your keyboard or click the gear icon, then F12 developer tools.

  1. Once the developer tools window is open, click Browser Mode.
  2. Make sure that the browser mode is set to the most recent version and compatibility mode is not selected.