Unlocking a Report

In your report list on the Reports Overview page, some of the reports will have an edit icon and some will have a lock icon.

Any reports which you built will have the edit icon. Clicking that icon will open the report editor, which allows you to make changes to the report.

The lock icon means that another user built the report and then shared it with you. You are able to use reports with a lock icon - the lock prevents you from editing it, but doesn't prevent you from running it.

How do I make changes to a locked report?

If you would like a report updated but do not wish to edit it yourself, please contact us and we'll be happy to update it for you! Or if you like the report and need a slightly different version, we can do that as well. Simply email us at support@eventbooking.com or call 865-966-4900.

If the report is owned by a user who is no longer active, contact us. We can transfer ownership of the report over to you so that you are able to edit it.

If you wish to keep the original report as-is and create another version of the report, you may create your own copy of the locked report. Since you will own the copy, you will be able to edit it and share it with other users (or not) as you wish.

To copy a report:

1. Select the report you wish to copy and click Copy in the right corner of the report's details page.

2. Click the edit icon by the new report's name in the details panel to update the name of the report.

3. Click the edit icon by the report in the list to open the report editor.