Generating and Emailing a Report

If you generate a report in EventBooking, you are able to email the report as an attachment directly from your EB account.

To email your report:

1. Go to Reports > Overview.

2. Click on the name of your report to select it. Enter the date range for your report, make sure HTML is chosen, and click Generate to generate a preview of your report.

3. At the top of the preview, click Email.

4. In the To box, search for the person you are emailing. You may also email a group of people by using an address book tag (see this article).

Note: We recommend that you add your recipient to the address book, so that the system knows a name to include in the header. Otherwise, the header will state "Unknown".

5. Add a subject line, any message you would like to include in the body of the email, and click Send. Your email will dispatch shortly.