Generating and Emailing a Custom Form

If you generate a form in EventBooking (BEO, Event Resume, Hold Confirmation, etc.) you are able to email the form as a PDF or Word attachment directly from your EB account.

To email your form:

1. On the grouping, event, or function details page, generate a preview of your form by clicking on the name of your form in the left sidebar.

2. At the top of the preview, click Email.

3. In the To box, search for the person you are emailing. You may also email a group of people by using an address book tag (see this article).

Note: We recommend that you add your recipient to the address book, so that the system knows a name to include in the header. Otherwise, the header will state "Unknown".

4. Add a subject line, any message you would like to include in the body of the email, and click Send. Your email will dispatch shortly.