Managing How your Events Display on Avails Reports

How your events display on your avails reports will be based on your account avails settings.

Avails Settings

Each account has a default setting for how each status type will display on the avails. The options for each status type are:

  • Show the event type (along with color)
  • Show the event name (along with color)
  • Show only the color (no text)
  • Show nothing (no color, no text)

To see what your account's default avails settings are, go to any event's details page and click the paper/pencil icon by Avails Display.

Click the blue Avails Display Legend link.

You will be able to view a chart showing the default avails display for each status type.

Note: Some accounts may have specialized statuses that are configured differently than how they display. If you have events that are not displaying as you would expect on your avails, please give us a call.

If you would like to change the default behavior for your avails, please have your account admin contact us at or 865-966-4900.

In certain cases, you may wish to have an individual event show in a different way than how your account default is set. To update an event's avails display, please see this article.