All About Avails

EventBooking provides an easy way to send your avails calendar to promoters and agents you work with. An avails calendar shows limited event information on booked/held dates and as well as showing which dates are available. Events with Tentative, Pending, Confirmed, and Blackout statues will be shown on your avails reports.

Avails Settings

Each account has a default setting for how each status type will display on the avails. The options for each status type are:

  • Show the event type (along with color)
  • Show the event name (along with color)
  • Show only the color (no text)
  • Show nothing (no color, no text)

To see what your account's default avails settings are, go to any event's details page and click the paper/pencil icon by Avails Display.

Click the blue Avails Display Legend link.

You will be able to view a chart showing the default avails display for each status type.

Note: Some accounts may have specialized statuses that are configured differently than how they display. If you have events that are not displaying as you would expect on your avails, please give us a call.

If you would like to change the default behavior for your avails, please have your account admin contact us at or 865-966-4900.

In certain cases, you may wish to have an individual event show in a different way than how your account default is set. To update an event's avails display, please see this article.

Avails Reports

During the setup process, we create two avails reports for your venue: a calendar report and a side by side (sometimes called a list or grid) report.

The calendar report is laid out like a monthly calendar:

And the side by side is a list of dates:

If you have multiple venues on your account, your avails reports can show all of your venues or you can have a report for each venue. If you need an avails report built or your reports updated, please contact us.

Sending Avails

You are able to send your avails directly from your EB account, without having to download a file and attach it to an email created in a different email program. This also allows you to send avails to contacts that you have created in your EB address book.

Before you send avails from your EB account, we recommend that you configure SMTP email. This will send your avails through your email server, rather than from the EventBooking servers and will reduce the chances that your avails will be flagged as spam. Please see this article for instructions how to set up SMTP on your account.

For instructions on how to send your avails from EventBooking, see this article.

If the emails you are sending are getting marked as spam, or if you would like to include avails in an email you are writing in an external program, you can generate an avails link. Please see this article for more information.

Confirming Your Avails Were Sent

You are able to view a list of emails sent from your EB account. Hover over your name in the upper right corner and click My Messages. Choose Sent and click Search to see a list of emails that have been sent. If you don't see an email that you have just tried to send, be sure to check your Outbox as well.