Sharing a Report With Other Users

You are able to share a report that you have created with other users on your account. This allows them to run the report, but they are not able to edit or delete it.

To share a report which you have created with other users:

1. Hover over Reports and click Overview:

2. Find the report you would like to share in your report list, and click on the title to select it.

If you are the owner of the report, don't click on the paper and pencil icon -- that will open the report for editing.

3. In the right column, click the paper/pencil icon next to Viewable by.

4. Depending on your account setup, a list of individual users or a list of permission roles (admin, full, view only), or both will be listed. Select the people or roles with whom you would like to share your report, and click Save.

Most accounts have an "All Users" sharing profile. Select this to share your report with everyone on your account. We are also able to create custom sharing profiles to fit your venue's workflow. For example, if you have reports specific for each department, we can create a profile to allow sharing with that department with just one click.

5. Your report has now been shared.