Reports Deep Dive

Our Reports Deep Dive is a series of five webinars that covers all aspects of our reporting system. You'll understand what reports can do and also learn to build and edit your own reports.

Part I: The Basics

In this 30-minute introduction to our webinar series, you’ll get a high-level overview of reporting in EB, as well as navigating the reports overview page and generating and sharing reports.

Part II: Report Formats

In the second session of our Reports Deep Dive, you will gain an understanding of the report formats in EB (list, advanced list, grid, and calendar) and be able to choose the best format for your report.

Part III: Data Sources

In this webinar, you will explore the concept of "data source" -- the different types of content that you are able to report on. Choosing the correct data source is foundational to building an effective report.


Part IV: Building Report

We’ve laid the foundation, now it’s time to start creating reports! In this 60-minute session we’ll build reports step-by-step, including filtering, grouping, field selection, and output options. If you have two monitors, we recommend following along in your own account!

Part V: Building History Reports

You know that you can create alerts with history presets, but did you know that you can also use them to create reports? Find out how to create saved searches of the history of your account ("presets"), run and export basic history reports, and also build reports with those presets as the data source.

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