New Custom Form Options

We have recently released new options for how you can run your custom forms. You are now able to:

  • Run them for selected subevents within an event
  • Run them across all events/subevents on a single date
  • Reset the page numbering so that each subevent or event's form starts with page 1

1. Hover over Reports.
2. Click Overview.

3. Select the Custom Form you would like to run from the list in the left sidebar.

Note: This functionality is intended for BEOs, Work Orders, Event Resumes, and forms similar in nature. Please continue to run contracts and other forms for a single event from the event's details page.

4. Click the Options box.

5. Search for either the Event Name (this will return the event and all its subevents) or choose your desired Date.

6. Select the Events/Subevents you would like to run the form against, filter by department if you wish, then click "Apply".

  • Clicking "All With Resources" will choose only those events/subevents that have resource items assigned to them.
  • If you have assigned your resource items to departments, you have the option to filter by your choice of department.
  • Because this is new functionality, we may need to add page breaks to your form code so that the form for each event/subevent will begin on a new page. Please contact us and let us know 1) the name of the custom form and 2) if you would like to have the page numbers reset to one for each form. We will get that updated for you as quickly as possible.

Note: Your form will need to contain fields from the event level you have chosen in order to run. For example, if your form only has information from the event level, it will not run for subevents.

7. Choose your desired output and click "Generate".