Adding an Address Book Object to an Event

Your Address Book contains entries for each of the companies and contacts you are working with. You are able to apply an address book object (our generic term for your address book entries of any type) to your events. This allows you to access the phone number, address, etc. for your event contacts without having to re-enter the information each time. It also allows you to view all of the events that each address book object has been associated with (see this article).

To add an address book object to an event:

1. Go to the event's details page and click Add by the address book object header for the type of ABO you would like to apply.

2. Search for the address book object by typing the name in the search box, or click create new to add a new ABO to your address book. You may also apply a role (see this article for more information about roles).

3. Once you have entered the role (if desired) and selected the address book object, click Add.

4. Your new address book object has been applied to your event.