Organizing your Address Book Objects

Each address book object may be assigned a parent. This allows you to group them by organization and access individuals within the organization easily. You are able to view the organization's hierarchy in the left sidebar of the details page. Each name is also a clickable link that will take you to that object's details page.

You may also view it on the Organization tab at the bottom. The Organization tab also gives you the ability to add existing address book objects to the organization, create new ones, and move ABOs within the organization.

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Adding a Parent to an Address Book Object

To add a parent to an address book object, go to the ABO's details page and click the paper/pencil icon by Parent:

Search for the parent ABO by typing in the box and selecting the parent:

Or if the parent isn't in your address book, click Create new, and in the pop up box fill out parent's information and click Add.

Once you've selected or created the parent, click Save.

The ABO's parent will have been added, and you will now see the organization hierarchy in the left sidebar.

Removing a Parent from an Address Book Object

To remove a parent from an address book object, go to the ABO's details page and click the paper/pencil icon by Parent:

Click remove parent and then Save.

The address book object's parent has been removed, and the address book object is no longer in the organization hierarchy.

Using the Organization Tab

Each ABO has an Organization or Hierarchy tab. On this tab you can add address book objects to the organization and also move address book objects within the organization. To make any edits on this tab, first click the paper/pencil icon on the far right:

Adding an Existing Address Book Object to the Organization

To add an existing address book object to the organization, type the name in the search box, click on the search results to select it, and click Save.

Adding a New Address Book Object to the Organization

To add a new ABO to the organization, click Create new.

In the pop up box, fill in the ABO's information. Note that any information already entered on the parent is pre-populated into the form - you may override this as needed. When all the information is added, click Add.

Click Save on the Organization tab.

Removing an Address Book Object from the Organization

To remove an ABO from the Organization, click the red minus icon by the ABO name and click Save. This removes the parent from the ABO, just as if you had navigated to the details page and removed the parent there.

Moving Address Book Objects Within the Organization

To move an ABO to a new parent within the same organization, hover over the ABO - notice that the cursor changes. Drag the ABO to its new parent and drop, then click Save. The short video below (no audio) will demonstrate this: