Emailing a Group of People using Address Book Tags

You are able to email reports, forms, and send email updates about events from your EventBooking account. If you wish to email the same information to a group of people, you can do so easily via Address Book Tags.

Once you have applied either a company-wide or a personal tag to your address book objects, you can then use that tag to email all of those contacts at once.

For instructions on how to apply a company-wide tag, see this article. For instructions on how to create and apply a personal tag, see this article.

If you are already familiar with emailing reports and forms, or with using the Send Info feature, the instructions below will show you how to email using your address book tags. For complete instructions on emailing from your EventBooking account, please see these articles for additional information:

To email a group of people:

  1. Open the email window in one of the following ways:
    • From your report or custom form preview, click Email:

    • From the event details page, click Actions and then Send Info:

  1. Type in the name of your address book tag in the To field to search for it, and then select it from the search results.

Note: The pop up box for reports and forms is slightly different from the pop up for Send Info. Pictured is the reports/forms box.

  1. Add the subject of the email and any information you wish to include in the body of the email and click Send. Your email will be sent to everyone with that address book tag.

Just a couple notes:

  • While you are emailing a group of people at the same time, the system will dispatch a separate email to each person. Your group will not be able to "Reply All" to converse with everyone in the group.
  • If you are going to email from within the program regularly, we recommend using SMTP so that the email is sent through your email servers. See this article to add your SMTP settings to your account.