Your EB Address Book

Your EventBooking address book is your CRM. You are able to track the companies and people you work with, see a history of their events and holds, and see associated traces (activities and journals). In addition, everyone in your venue will have access to the latest addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

In this article we discuss:

There is also a list of links to additional how-to articles.

Note: At EventBooking, we use the term Address Book Object (or ABO for short) as a general term for an entry in your address book, regardless of type.

In this 45 minute webinar, you will get an overview of what the address book can do, how to add and edit your contacts, and how to deal with those inevitable duplicates.

Address Book Object Types

There are four types of address book objects in EventBooking: Company, Person, Artist, and Venue. Each type of ABO has an icon that you will see throughout your account:


The address book type is used in several ways:

  • A specific type can be pulled into a report or form.
  • Each type can have a customized details page, including custom fields and tags specific to that type.

The Address Book Details Page

Each address book object has its own details page. The picture below is the default layout, but you are able to customize the order of fields and tabs for your account.

On the details page, you are able to keep track of your ABO's address, phone number, email address, job title, and website. In addition, you will have a list of events, activities, and journals which are associated with it. You are also able to add a private or public note. You can also add address book tags to facilitate filtered searches of your address book and to create email groups.

For a complete tour of the address book details page, see this article.

Address Book Custom Fields

In addition to the standard address book fields, you are able to capture specific information about your address book objects, such as:

  • Account numbers
  • Tax exempt status
  • Billing status

We are able to create custom fields which can capture this information and then display it on the event details page. For instance, a popular field is a Finance Status flag. Your finance department can apply this field to a company on their address book details page:

And then when another user adds this account to an event, the event information will display on the event details page, prompting them to touch base with Finance - perhaps this company has an outstanding balance or is slow to pay.

We can also create a media field, which will allow you to attach documents associated with the company, such as a W9, or a Certificate of Insurance which is not event specific.

If address book custom fields would be useful to you, please contact our the Client Success Team at or 865-966-4900.

Organizing your Address Book

You are able to organize your address book objects so that you are able to easily access ABOs which are related in some way.

On the details page, you may assign a parent, such as the company a person works for or the management of an artist.

In the details page, this hierarchy is then visible in your left sidebar. Each name is a clickable link which will take you to that ABO details page without losing the context of the organization.

Each details page also has an Organization tab where you can add contacts to the hierarchy, create new contacts, and move ABOs within the organization.

For more information on how to assign a parent and use the Organization tab, see this article.

Address Book Object Roles

You are also able to assign specific roles to an address book object for an event. This allows you to see what part each ABO is playing in this event, and also filter which one will be pulled into your reports or forms.

Note: By default, only Company and Contact (Person) address book object types display on the event details page. If you wish the Artist and Venue types to display as well, please contact us at or 865-966-4900 and we will add those for you.

You are able to customize your company and contact role type lists; please contact our Customer Success Team at or 865-966-4900. For instructions how to apply a role type to an ABO, see this article.

Reporting and the Address Book

The information in your address book can be pulled into reports and custom forms; here's just a few examples:

  • An event list with associated contacts
  • A list of your holds grouped by promoter, including the date the hold was created
  • A list of your contacts who have events scheduled in the upcoming year and the event status
  • Specify the signatory on a contract
  • For Event Orders, list the day-of contact and their phone number

Do you have an idea for how you'd like to use the information in your address book? Call us at 865-966-4900 or email and we will assist you!


Depending on your permission level, you may not be able to edit certain items in the address book. Address book permissions are:

  • Manager: You may add entries and edit the address book, including merging duplicates and applying company-wide address book tags.
  • Normal: You may add entries and edit the address book. You may not merge duplicate objects or apply company-wide address book tags.
  • View Only: You may view all information in the address book, but cannot edit it.

If you are unsure of your permissions level or need additional permission to the address book, contact your account administrator at your venue, and they will contact us to update your permissions.

How-To's and Additional Reading

  • Searching for address book objects:
    • If you are searching for a specific, single ABO, we recommend using the universal search.
    • The address book search is an advanced search feature which allows you to search your address book by certain words, type of contact, or tag. For more information on the address book search, see this article.
  • If you have duplicate address book objects, you can merge them so that you don't lose any information or associated events, activities, or journals. If there is an address book object you wish to remove, you may archive it. See this article for instructions.
  • You may push individual contacts from Outlook to EventBooking using the ebLink plugin. Please see this article for instructions (instructions are in the video as well as the User Guide PDF).
  • Adding a new contact to your address book
  • Adding an address book object to an event