Sending an Email Notification from the Event Details Page

If you update an event, you want to ensure that everyone who needs to know is aware. Setting up automatic alerts (see this article) is a great way to accomplish this. However, not all event changes can trigger an alert, or you may need to communicate with someone who does not have an alert set up.

You are able to notify people using our Send Info feature. Using this feature you will be able to send an email from the grouping, event, or sub-event/function details page. You can customize the subject and message, and the basic event information will be included:

You are able to enter an email address, send to contacts in your address book, or send to a group (using address book tags).

To send an information email from the event details page, click on Actions in the upper right corner, and then click Send Info:

Enter your recipients - you may type in an email address, search your address book, or search for an address book tag group. Enter one email in each box; to add an additional box for an additional recipient, click Add contact.

You are able to tag contacts in your address book; you may then search for that tag and everyone with that tag will receive your email. You are able to create private tags (see this article). To create a company-wide tag group that all users can access, please contact us.

Update the subject if you wish and add your message. Once you have entered all information as you wish, click Send. Your recipients will receive an email shortly.