Calendar Profile: Cancelled Events and Holds

Have you ever "lost" an event? The event was on your calendar, but now it's gone. Most likely, it was cancelled, and most calendar profiles will not show events with a cancelled status (cancelled, released hold, denied hold, etc). If you would like to view those cancelled events and holds, you are able to create an additional calendar profile that will allow you to do so.

To create a Cancelled Events and Holds Calendar Profile:

1. On the Calendars page, select a calendar profile to serve as a basis for your new profile. If you have not previously created a profile and none have been shared with you, your only option will be Default Setting.

2. Click Settings.

3. On the left, click Event. In the "Statuses" section, click off by all non-cancelled statuses and on by all cancelled statuses.

4. Name your new view, e.g. "Cancelled Events", and click Create New.

Warning! If you click Save, you will save the changes to your original view rather than to a new view.

You are now able to toggle your calendar view between your original profile and your new Cancelled Events and Holds profile.