Changing the Start Day for the Week

By default, the week in your calendar views and reports will start on Sunday. If you wish it to start on a different day, you are able to update those settings. The calendar display settings can be changed by each user based on their preference, but the reports settings are company-wide and must be updated by the account Admin.

Updating Your Calendar Display Settings

In your weekly and monthly calendar views, you are able to have the week start on either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. To change the first day of your week in your calendar views:

1) While viewing your calendar, click on Settings in the upper right corner:

2) Choose General. Then, in the lower right column under Other, use the drop down to select the start of week you prefer.

3) Click Save to save your changes and return to your calendar. This change will affect both your monthly and weekly calendar views.

Updating the Reports Settings

To change the start day of the week on your reports:

1) Hover over your name in the upper right corner and click Company Settings.

2) Choose Calendars. Then, click the drop down menu under Default Day of the Week Start and click your choice of day. Your changes will be saved immediately.