Copying Events to Groupings

Copying an event to an existing grouping can be used to hold additional dates or shows, while copying to a new grouping can be useful when using a previous event as a template to book a new season or group of events.

You may copy your event from the event details page or from your monthly calendar view. From the event details page, you'll be able to copy the event to a different grouping than the original and you'll also be able to choose which information to copy. On the calendar view, all event information will be copied and you can only copy your event to the same grouping as your original. Instructions for copying on your calendar are here.

Copying from the event details page

1. Go to the event details page of the event you would like to copy. Click on Actions in the upper right and hover over Copy to.

You will have the option to choose either:

  • Existing Grouping: This will copy your event to a grouping which is different from the grouping the original event is in. When you click on Existing Grouping, a search box will appear. Search for your grouping and click on it to select it.

  • Your current grouping: The name of the grouping your original event is in will appear here. In our sample event, it is named Trustee Board Meeting.

2. Once you've selected which grouping to copy to, select the date of your new event from the pop up box. Update the start time if necessary.

The duration of your new event will match that of the event you are copying. In our sample, it is a one hour meeting, so I can adjust the start time and the end time will update to be one hour later.

If you would like to make multiple copies of this event, simply click on the additional dates you would like to book. Once you have selected all of your dates, click Add.

3. Update the name of your event(s) and choose its status.

If you are adding a hold, we recommend using Next Available Tentative. It will choose the next open hold for that date. For example, if there is already a Granted Hold 1 on the date, the event will be booked as a Granted Hold 2.

4. If you would like to make additional copies of this event to the same grouping you chose above, click  +Add Event and follow steps 2 and 3 again. 

5. Once you've added all your events, choose which information you would like to copy to your new events. You may also choose All at the top to select all information.

6. Confirm that the name, status, date and time of your event is correct, and that you've selected all the information you would like to copy, and then click Copy.

7. You will receive confirmation that your events have been booked. Your browser window will still be on the original event's details page, but you can click through to your new events by clicking on the event's name. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation box.

Copying from the calendar view

1. While holding down Ctrl, click in the blank part of your event's box and drag it to the new date. When the system "sees" the new date, the date's box will turn gray.

2. Confirm that the date you would like to copy the event to is coorect and click OK.

3. Confirm that you would like to copy the event to the grouping listed by clicking Yes. If you click No, the event will still be copied, but it will not be in a grouping.

4. Your event is copied.