Adding New Events to an Existing Grouping

This article will walk you through adding a new event to a Grouping that you have already created.

If your new event is exactly like or even similar to one of the existing events in the grouping, you can copy that event -- see this article for more information.

1. On the details page for the grouping into which you wish to add an event, click on  Actions and click Add Event.

Note: Depending on your venue type and account setup, you may have different choices in your Add Event menu. Choose either Add Event or Add Event (Multi). Multi refers to multiple spaces, and allows you to book either a single space or multiple spaces.

2. EB will auto-fill the grouping name into the Event Name box. Change this if you wish.

3. Choose the status of your event from the drop down list.

If you are adding a hold, we recommend using Next Available Tentative. It will choose the next open hold for that date. For example, if there is already a Granted Hold 1 on the date, the event will be booked as a Granted Hold 2.

4. Click +Add Where/When. In the pop up box, choose the space where your event is to be held, and then choose the date of your event. Update the time if needed. Once your event's information is correct, click Done.

Be sure to choose a single date - you are creating one event! You will have the opportunity to add additional events later.

5. If you wish to associate a company from your address book to this event, click +Add Accounts/Companies and search for an existing company or to create a new one.

6. Click Save to book your event, or click Add Another to add an additional event.

7. If the Add Another box is small and you can't see all your options, hover over the lower right corner until your cursor changes to arrows, and then click and drag the box larger.

8. Once you have added all your events, click Save to book all of the events and close the pop up box.

9. You will receive confirmation that your events have been booked. Your browser window will still be on the grouping details page, but you can click through to your new events by clicking on the event's name. Click OK to dismiss the confirmation box.

10. Your new events will also be listed with the other events in the grouping.