Adding a Grouping with Events Using the Quick Add

This article will walk you through using the Quick Add to add a group of related events or holds to your calendar.

1. Click each date that you would like to book. The Quick Add form will appear on the right side of your calendar after you select your first date, but you can continue to add as many dates as you wish. You can book dates over multiple months by using the arrow keys to move forward or backward by month. Any date(s) you have selected will be preserved.

Be careful not to click and drag if you need adjacent dates - you'll select a date range rather than individual dates!

2. Enter the name of your Grouping. This can and often should be distinct from your event names, e.g. the grouping would be titled Hockey Season 2015-2016 and your events would be titled Hockey Game.

3. In the drop down, select Grouping.

4. Select the status for your events. The Next Available Tentative option will assign each event a hold status based on what events are already booked on that day. For example, in our sample grouping the events on the 12th and 19th will be assigned a Granted Hold 1, but the events on the 20th and 27th will be assigned a Granted Hold 2 since there is are already holds on those days.

5. Select your event type.

This list may be customized for your venue (certain accounts that are a part of a venue network may have restrictions).

6. Click on the button by Applied Calendars.

7. In the popup box, confirm or change your calendar(s). Click the X in the right corner of the box to close the popup - your changes will be saved.

You are able to set the default calendars for the Quick Add. See this article.

8. Name your events. If you leave this box blank, your events will inherit the name of the Grouping.

9. Adjust the time or date(s) of your events as needed.

10. Click +Add to attach a contact (or contacts) from your address book, or create a new one.

For step-by-step instructions on adding a contact, see this article.

11. Click Add at the bottom of the form to create your grouping and book your events.

12. Your grouping is created and your events are booked.