Adding an Event

This article will walk you through adding a single, stand-alone event to your calendar.

  • If you are booking an event that will contain several functions but you don't currently have enough information to create those functions, you can create the event using these instructions, then add the functions to the event later (see this article). If you have the information to create the functions now, use the Add Event with Functions/Sub-Events form.
  • If this event is part of a series of recurring or related events, such as a sports season or a series of weekly meetings, they should be added as a Grouping with Events. If the grouping this event should belong to already exists, you can create the event per the steps below, and then add it to your grouping (see this article).
  • Would you like to add your event from your calendar view? Use the Quick Add!

1. Hover over Calendars and click on Add Event.

Note: This form may be called something slightly different in your account. If you have Add Event (Single) and Add Event (Multi), please use Add Event (Multi). Do NOT use Add Event with Sub-Events or Add Group of Events.

2. Enter your event name.

Your Add Event form may be customized with additional fields.

3. Click +Add Where/When.

4. Check the spaces where you would like to book the event.

5. Update the time of your event, if you wish.

6. Select the date of your event. You may click on a single date, or click and drag to book a single event that spans multiple days.

Note: If your event has dates on, for example, every Saturday, it should be booked as a Grouping with Events rather than a single event. See this article.

7. If you would like to separate the Move In/Move Out dates/times from the Main Event dates/times, click the box by Move In/Move Out. Update the dates and times as needed.

Note: As you update the dates and times, they may overlap and the calendar will alert you to the conflict. Once you update all your dates and times so that they no longer overlap, the warning will go away.

8. You can also click +Add Timeline to apply a timeline such as show times or load-in times to each event.

9. Once your spaces, dates, and times are all entered as you wish, click Done.

10. Your spaces, dates and times are now listed on the Add Event form. If you made an error, you may click the X to delete your work, and then click +Add Where/When to re-enter your information.

11. Choose the status of the event from the drop down list.

Next Available Tentative will choose the next open hold for that date. For example, if there is already a Granted Hold 1 on the date you are booking, your new event will be booked as a Granted Hold 2.

12. Choose the event type from the drop down list.

Depending on your avails settings, some events will show the Event Type on your avails reports. This list may be customized for your venue (certain accounts that are a part of a venue network may have restrictions).

13. Attach a contact from your address book. Click +Add Account/Company. Type the name of the company you are working with to search for Company address book objects in your account. Click on the company you wish to attach to your event.

14. If the company doesn't appear in your search, you can click +create new to add a new contact to your address book. Fill out your new contact's information and click Add.

15. You may also assign a Role to the company from the drop down list. This role is often used in reports and custom forms, and can be customized for your account.

16. Click Add to finish adding your contact to your event.

17. Click +Add Contacts and repeat the above steps to add a person to your event.

18. Add notes as you wish. These notes will appear on the event details page and can be pulled into reports as needed.

19. If you wish this event to appear differently in your avails than it would by default, you may edit that in the drop down.

If you are not sure what your avails display default is, click Avails Display Legend for the key. If you would like to modify your default avails settings, please contact us.

20. When all your event information is as you wish, click Done to add your event.

21. Your event has been booked.

If the space you are attempting to book is already booked at that time, you will receive an alert from the conflict checker. The first event listed is the event you are attempting to add. The second event is the existing event that it is conflicting with.

You have three options at this point:

  • Click Don't do it and then Retry. This will cancel adding the event and return you to the Add Event form.
  • Click Make a Change. This will allow you to choose a different status and/or a different date and time. Once you updated the event information, click Retry to book your event.
  • Click Do it Anyway. This option will double-book your space. Not all accounts have this option.