Removing Space from an Existing Event or Sub-Event

If you have already created an event and find that you need to remove spaces from it, you are able to do so using the Spaces Used tab.

1. Go to the event details page for your event.

Note: If you're removing space from a sub-event, go to the details page for the sub-event and follow the directions below. If the space is no longer needed for any part of the event, you will then need to also remove the space from the parent Event.

2. Most items have the edit ("paper and pencil") icon next to them, but Where may not. If it doesn't, go to the Spaces Used tab.

Note: Your tab may be called Spaces Booked, and your tabs may be in a different order than the screenshots below.

3. To remove a single space, click the X to the right of it.

4. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

5. To remove multiple spaces, click the edit icon next to Sort By.

6. Select the spaces you wish to remove, and click Delete Calendar.

7. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

8. The spaces have been removed from your event.