Sending a Hold Confirmation

When you book holds, you may wish to send a confirmation document to the client or promoter you are working with. We have a standard form which you are able to download as a PDF or email directly from your EB account.

There is a confirmation for a single event:

As well as a confirmation for a grouping:

Please note that this is a standard document. If you would prefer a different layout or to include additional information, contact us and we can supply a quote for a custom project.

To create and send your confirmation:

1. Go to the details page of the event or the grouping for which you would like the confirmation form.

2. In the left sidebar under "Reports and Forms", click Hold Confirmation or Grouping Confirmation.


If you do not see the confirmation forms listed on your account, please contact us at or 865-966-4900 and we will get them set up for you.

3. A preview will pop up. From this preview you will be able to:

Export to PDF

To export to a PDF, hover over Export and then click PDF. In Chrome, a link to your PDF will appear at the bottom of your browser. In Firefox, you'll be prompted in a popup to open or save your PDF.

Emailing your Confirmation

1. click Email.

2. In the popup, leave PDF selected (we do not recommend sending the confirmation in Word format). In addition to the PDF attachment, you may select Send body as HTML to include the information in the document in the body of the email as well.

3. In the box by "To" type in the name of your contact to find them in the Address Book. Click on their name to select.

We do recommend that if your contact is not in the address book, you add them rather than typing in their email address. The email header will then include their name, rather than stating "unknown".

4. Add the Subject of your email and any message that you wish to include in the body of the email. If you have selected Send body as HTML you message will appear above the confirmation information.

5. Click Send. Your message will go into the queue to be sent shortly.

Attaching the Confirmation to your Event Details Page

1. Click Attach to Event.

2. In the popup, leave PDF selected. Add a description if you wish (such as date sent, who you sent it to, etc).

3. Choose who should be able to view the confirmation. If you do not select any users or permission levels, the confirmation will be private to you.

4. Click Save.

5. Your confirmation will be saved to the documents tab on the event's details page.