Why are there dashed lines around my event?

When you look at your calendar, you may see dashed lines around some of the events:

The dashed lines mean that the events are booked in a space related to the one which you are viewing. We call this feature shadowing.

For example, on this calendar the Arena has several child spaces. Right now, I'm only viewing the parent Arena space:

With shadowing off, I will only see events booked on the parent Arena space:

With shadowing on, I will also see any events booked in the Arena's child spaces:

If your facility uses combo calendars - where, for example, you can select Ballroom A+B+C rather than selecting each space individually - you will need to be sure that shadowing is turned on. This will ensure that your events display on the actual space as well as the combo when you are in weekly or daily view:

Shadowing is also used in reports to ensure that the correct events display, especially in avails. If you have events displaying in a report from a space that you didn't select, we may have to adjust the shadowing setting - please contact support at support@eventbooking.com or call 865-966-4900.

Toggling Shadowing On or Off

1. On your calendar page, click on Settings in the upper right corner:

2. Under General, select on or off by Shadow Events.

3. Click Save.