How can I tell if my report is generating?

Depending on the amount of information in a report and the date range you are running it for, reports can take several minutes to run. How can you tell if EB is actually generating your report? That will depend on the format you have chosen for your report.

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If you are generating an HTML preview, the Generate button will gray out and a Loading... pop up will appear while your report is being created.

Other Formats

With the other formats, the Generate button will not gray out. In the bottom left corner of your browser, a Waiting for... message will appear while your report is being created.

Important: Because the Generate button is not disabled, you will have the ability to click it again. If the Waiting for message is at the bottom of your browser, please do not click the Generate button again. If you click the Generate button multiple times in a short amount of time you can overload the application and cause speed issues for other users.

If you are having trouble getting a report to generate, please call 865-966-4900 or email so that we can troubleshoot for you.