Help, I can't get logged in!

We regularly get calls from users who are having difficulty getting logged into their EventBooking account. Below are the most common reasons people are unable to log into EB:

1. Logging in at the wrong URL.

We have over a dozen servers worldwide, and your username and password will only work on the server where your venue's account lives. If you do an internet search for EB, you're liable to find the wrong one. Our general servers are:


If you are part of a venue network, you probably have a specific server for your network. We also have several larger clients with their own server. If you can't find a coworker to help you out, give us a call.

Once you find your server, we recommend bookmarking EB in your browser.

2. Using an outdated or unsupported web browser.

We are compatible with the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. We are also compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 and newer (including Edge). Depending how old your browser is, EB may not work on it. Your browser will also need to have cookies and java enabled.

Not sure about your browser version or about cookies/java? Go to and you can get all that information!

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or above and are still having difficulties, please give us a call. IE can default to something called "compatibility mode" and we'll help you get that sorted out.

If you are using a Surface tablet, please be aware that the version of Internet Explorer on your tablet is not the full version; EB will not work in it. You will need to use either Firefox or Chrome.

3. Using your email as your username.

We do not use your email address as your username. If you don't remember your username, give us a call.

4. Using the wrong password.

Be careful, passwords are case sensitive, and if you get a space at the beginning or end, the system won't take it. If you know your username, you can put that in the Username box and then click the reset password link by the Sign In button to get a new password.

None of that work?

Give us a call at 865-966-4900 or email The account admin at your venue can also let you know your username and reset your password (point them to this article).