Ordering Resources in Forms, Invoices, and Reports

You may prefer to have your resources listed in a certain order for an event in an invoice, report, or custom form (BEO, Event Sheet, etc). For example, you may prefer to have your menu listed in the order in which it will be served, rather than alphabetically. You are able to change the order in which resources are listed by editing the rank of the items.

To edit the rank of your resources:

1. On the event details page of your event or function, go to the resources tab and click on Add/Edit/View Resources to go to the Usage page for the event or function.

Note: In your account the resources tab may be named inventory.

2. Click Edit - the Rank field will not be visible unless you are in edit mode.

3. Add a ranking to each resource, keeping in mind how your form or invoice is structured. If your resources are in one list, you will need to rank all of your resources. If, however, your resources are grouped by Set or Category, you can rank within a particular set or category. You may rank in several ways:

  • Rank each item:

  • Rank by item type, e.g. all appetizers, all entrees, all desserts:

  • If you think you may be adding items in the future, you can skip numbers so that you can insert items into the rank order rather than renumbering everything:

4. Click Save.

5. Your changes will be reflected in your form, invoice, or report.