Quick Tips

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Building your Show Schedule with Timelines

Did you know you can create a show schedule in EventBooking?

Expand your Week View

Did you know that you can display more than a week in your week view? You can actually display up to 14 days!

Color Coding Your Calendar

Color coding your calendar is a great way to easily see what's happening in your building. By default your calendar is colored by event status, but you can easily create custom profiles to color by where events are happening (by venue or space) or by the event type (or other tag group).

Unlocking a Report

While you can run locked reports, you cannot edit them. If you need changes made to a locked report, you have several options.

Merging Duplicate Address Book Contacts

If you have duplicate companies or contacts in your address book, you are able to use the address book bin to select all of the information to keep and then merge the contacts, without losing any associated events, activities, or journals.

Publishing your Calendar to Outlook, Google, or iCal

Your are able to publish your calendar to our Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar. You may publish all of your events in all of your spaces, or create a custom calendar profile that filters the information (e.g. confirmed events only).

EB Mobile Site

Did you know we have a streamlined mobile site for phones?
The mobile site is accessed through the browser on your phone. On the site you can:

  • View your calendar
  • View select event details: date/time, spaces booked, and notes (from the Notes tab). We recently did an update so that timelines, including showtimes, are now included as well!
  • Send avails
  • Place a request on your calendar

You can also place a shortcut directly to the site on the homepage of your phone so that it can be easily accessed.

Expanded Resource Quantity Options

In our most recent release, we expanded how you are able to specify the quantity of a resource item on your events. You will now be able to enter two factors for each resource.

Ordering Your Resources on Forms, Invoices, and Reports

Would you like your resources to appear in a different order on your forms, invoices, or reports? Your are able to order your resources through ranking.

Why are there dashed lines around my event?

When you look at your calendar, you may see dashed lines around some of the events. The dashed lines mean that the events are booked in a space related to the one which you are viewing. We call this feature shadowing.

My account has been locked

If your account has been locked after too many unsuccessful login attempts, you will need to contact us to unlock your account - it will not unlock automatically after a set period of time.

Sending a Hold Confirmation

Did you know that you can send a hold confirmation, right from your EB account?

Avails Avails Avails!

Sport seasons are underway, so lets do a quick refresher on avails! Did you know that you can:

  • Send your avails directly from EB?
  • Control how individual events display on your avails?
  • Have different avails report formats?

Document Sharing Options

In previous Did You Know? newsletters, we've shared how to attach images or documents to your event details page. Did you know that you have different sharing options for the media you upload?

Is My Report Running?

Have you ever tried running a report, and then you weren't sure if the system was creating it? And then you started wondering if you had actually clicked the button?

Updating Your Browser

As a web app, your EventBooking experience depends on your browser. You will have the best EB experience if your browser is always updated to the latest version.

Canned Report: Event Detail Report

Did you know about the Event Details Canned Report? This is a great pre-built report which allows you to easily create an event sheet for either an individual event or for your events in a selected time frame.

Send an Email from the Details Page

Did you know you can notify a coworker about changes to an event right from the event details page? Check out this help desk article for more information about our "Send Info" feature.

Help, my calendars are blank!

Have you ever logged in to your account and found that there are no events on your calendar? Check out this help desk article for troubleshooting tips to help you figure out why

Help, I can't get logged in!

Are you having difficulty getting logged in? We've got a list of our top reasons why people often can't get into their EB account. Plus, you don't have to be logged in to see the article!

Printing a Monthly Calendar

If you need to print, export to PDF, or email your calendar, you are able to build a monthly calendar report that will allow you to do so.

Knowing When a Document is Added to An Event

Would you like to receive an alert when a document is added, or to be able to search for events that had documents added this week?

Adding Documents to Events

Did you know you are able to attach documents - contracts, COI, settlement sheets, etc. - to an event?

History Reporting: Deleted Events

Have you ever "lost" an event? Last week, we showed you how to find your lost event if it was cancelled. But how do you find out if your event was deleted? Through a history preset you are able to search and learn whether events were in fact deleted, as well as get an alert when an event is deleted.

Calendar Profile: Cancelled Events and Holds

Have you ever "lost" an event? The event was on your calendar, but now it's gone. Most likely, it was cancelled, and most calendar profiles will not show events with a cancelled status (cancelled, released hold, denied hold, etc). If you would like to view those cancelled events and holds, you are able to create an additional calendar profile that will allow you to do so.

Changing the Start Day for the Week

Did you know that you can change what day of the week your calendar views or reports start on?

How can I see all the events a promoter or agency has brought to our venue?

If you would like to see all of the events associated with a promoter, agency, or other contact, go to their details page in your address book and click on the Events tab. Any events that your contact has been "attached" to will be listed there.

Adding and Removing Users

Have you had staff turnover at your venue? If you are a Sys Admin, you are able to add and remove users, as well as reset passwords and see the last date each user has logged in to the program.

Updating Your Email Address

If your email address or other user information changes, you are able to update that in your User Profile.

Editing the Spaces Assigned to an Event

Did you know that you are able to change, add, or remove the spaces assigned to an existing event or sub-event? See these articles for instructions:

Displaying Calendar Names or Abbreviations

Did you know that you are able to toggle between full calendar names and their abbreviations when you're viewing your calendars?

Stock Alerts

Did you know that EB now has stock alerts as a part of the resources module? You are now able to:

  • See the availability of a resource as you are adding it
  • See a warning on an event's resource usage page if a resource is over-allocated
  • Run a report listing all over-allocated resources

Updating an Event's Avails Display

You are able to edit how an individual event will display on your avails. Maybe you have a practice or rehearsal you don't wish to show or a confirmed concert that hasn't been announced yet — you can make sure your avails show only the information you wish.

Moving an Event to a Grouping

You can now move an event into a grouping from the event details page. You won't need to use the event bin any more! On the event's details page, just click Actions then hover over Grouping and choose whether you'd like to add your event to an existing grouping or create a new grouping.

New Custom Form Options (updated 2/10/2015)

In our latest release, we've expanded how you're able to use your custom forms. You can now:

  • Run forms by date: create a form for all the events or subevents on a date, or filter by only those with resources and also filter the resources by department.
  • Reset the page numbering, so that if you run a form for multiple events or subevents, each one can start on page 1.

All About Groupings

Groupings are an incredibly powerful tool in the EventBooking system. In EB's "Event Family," the grouping is at the very top of the hierarchy, the highest "Parent Event." This means, like our parents, that you don't always need them around but you must learn to respect them. They are incredibly useful for adding events that share something in common, such as:

  • Sports seasons
  • Multiple promoter holds
  • Recurring events

Copying Events

EventBooking makes it possible to easily copy your events! Regardless of whether you're copying a single event or an entire grouping, we've got you covered. This function is perfect for venues who have:

  • Recurring events
  • Sports seasons
  • Multiple Promoter Holds

Using the Universal Search

Looking for a simple, yet extremely powerful feature that can enhance your workflow? Try the Universal Search, located at the top of each page in EB.

  • With the Universal Search, you can:
  • Easily find an event, person or company
  • Simply learn the status of an event
  • Quickly locate and access historical event information
  • Compare details for a historical event with a current event by opening several details pages

Using Calendar Shortcuts and Quick Add Defaults

Do you usually book in the same calendars? Would you like the Quick Add to default to those calendars? It can! Would you also like a "Master Calendar" view, or to view certain calendar combinations, without checking and unchecking boxes? You can! Calendar shortcuts and quick add defaults are the key.

Creating and Sharing Calendar Profiles

Would you like to see more, or less, information when you look at the calendar? Or quickly toggle your view from “color by status” to “color by space” or event type? Do you want to make sure that everyone on your team is seeing the same information in the same way? That is why we developed Calendar Profiles! See calendar information your way! With Calendar Profiles, you can:

  1. Tweak and tailor the information being displayed on your calendar view
  2. Save the custom calendar view for your ongoing use
  3. Share the custom calendar view with others on your team
  4. Create multiple custom calendar views, such as:
    • Confirmed Events Only
    • Events & Cancelled
    • Events Colored by Space
    • Events & Sales
    • And more...
  5. Publish the custom calendar view to Google Calendar or Outlook

Activating ebSync for Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal

Have you ever wished you could view your EventBooking calendar layered with your Outlook or Google Calendar? Would you like a hands-free, auto-updating way to keep others informed of upcoming confirmed events, such as a CVB, hotel concierge or area restaurants? With ebSync, you can!
ebSync allows you to export a read-only version of your calendar to Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal; it auto-updates with every Send/Receive in Outlook and every 24 hours in Google Calendar and iCal. ebSync can pull from all of your calendars or a previously created calendar profile.

Navigating Dates on the Calendar

Looking for fast and easy ways to navigate to future months and years in EB, then return to today's date in an instant? EB makes it easy to travel through time. In fact, we've built in several ways to do so:

  • Need to move by a month or two? Simple! Click the back/forward arrows found near the top-left corner of the calendar view or use the autoscroll feature to simply scroll up or down.
  • Want to quickly move by a long period of time, such as a year? You can use the date slider.
  • Looking at dates several years out? That is easy to do with the date picker. Select the desired month and year, click on a day and your are there!
  • Want to come back to today? Just click the "Today" button near the top-left corner of the calendar view.

Adding Contacts from the Quick Add

Do you add contacts (people/companies/artists) to events, even when using the calendar Quick Add? You might be thinking, "Why would I?" So glad you asked!

  1. It is fast and easy.
  2. The system keeps a list of all events the contact is tied to.
  3. Each contact can be assigned a role for that event, such as promoter, caterer or opening act.
  4. Users will be able to easily find and identify their key event contact.

So if you have ever wondered, "How many tentative dates does a specific promoter hold in my book?" or, "How many times has an artist played at my building?" then make sure your team is adding event contacts and assigning roles.

Using the Mini View

Do you have a lot of calendars to oversee? Do you just want a high-level view of your booked spaces? Then the Mini View on Calendars (new!) is right for you!

  1. See up to 92 days at once.
  2. Use settings presets to quickly switch between one month, two month and three month views, as well as other configurations.
  3. Get a high-level view that shows the number of events booked on a certain day for a given space.
  4. Click on a day for a listing of its booked events.

Using Drag-and-Drop

Do you "live" on the calendar view? Have you always wanted to change a date or simply move an event without leaving the calendar view? The drag-and-drop feature was created just for that purpose! Simply hover, click, drag and release. You can use this feature to:

  1. Reschedule an event on a different day.
  2. Adjust an event's timeslot.
  3. Move an event to a different space.

Starting on Clicked Date with the Week View

Do you use the week view a lot? Have you ever wanted to see a week starting with the date you've clicked? The Start on Clicked Date feature for the week view allows you to do just that!

Viewing Multiple Months

Do you use the month view a lot? Have you ever wanted to see more than one month at once? Good news! The month view now lets you display up to three months at a time on a continuous calendar.

Running a Quick Calendar Report

You can print a simple, clean, one-page calendar that also gives space to write in notes. Some features of the Quick Calendar Report are:

  1. Compact option - for those needing to print one month per page
  2. Filter - choose the spaces to include
  3. Notes - more standardized cell heights so you can write notes in a date

Sending an Avails Email or Sending an Avails Link

Do you receive requests for your venue's avails? Are you manually creating an avails report, sometimes several times a week? What if your avails could be current and ready to send in just minutes? All you have to do is:

  1. Choose the output style, spaces and dates
  2. Enter email addresses or select from the address book
  3. Preview the output
  4. Click send

Browser Tips & Tricks

All browsers are not created equal. The browser you use has a direct effect on the performance of the EventBooking program. We strongly recommend the Chrome browser because of its speed, reliability and standards compliance. After that, we recommend Firefox. If it is not possible to use one of these browsers, Safari (Mac OS) and Internet Explorer 9+ (Windows) will work. The following articles will give you more tips that should be helpful when using EventBooking or browsing in general:

  1. Multitask with tabbed browsing
  2. Create a Desktop Shortcut for EventBooking
  3. Clear your cache for better performance
  4. Remove toolbars for better performance
  5. Having trouble accessing the application or certain features?

Using Daily Calendar Notes

Have you ever wished for "sticky notes" on the calendar? Perhaps just simple text that everyone can see as a reminder of an on-sale date or spring break? Well, you can! Notes are a simple way to post and share date-specfic information. Notes can:

  • Be viewed, added, edited and deleted from the calendar view
  • Apply to all spaces or a specfic space in your building
  • Be added to multiple dates at once
  • Display color-coded by space for easy reference

Creating an Alert

By using email alerts, EventBooking users can stay current with the information being added, edited and deleted within the program. Alerts can be set up for events, activities and journals. You can choose between receiving an alert every time a specific action is taken or an email digest every hour, day, week or month.

Using the Event Search Page

Have you ever needed a quick list of events? Perhaps a list of all confirmed concerts last year or even a list of events in the next six months that are assigned to a particular event coordinator? With the EventBooking event search feature, you can:

  • Search for events
  • Filter by date, status, calendar and more
  • Get a complete list of events without scrolling through months and months of the calendar view
  • Add events from the list to the Event Bin for mass changes

Using the Event Bin

Have you ever needed to make a specific change to many events? Did you wish that there was a way to apply the change to all of those events at once? EventBooking's event bin gives users the ability to mass-edit events, allowing you to skip the repitition! Using the event bin, you can:

  • Change statuses, such as confirming or canceling multiple events
  • Assign an event coordinator to multiple events
  • Apply an event type to multiple events
  • Update avails settings
  • Add or update timeline items, such as showtimes
  • Adjust publicity information, allowing you to announce multiple events