Release Notes: March 2017

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Holds will now sort by hold rank
  • On the Address Book > Events tab, Lost Sales Opportunities will now be listed.
  • On Advanced List reports, the font was darkened from gray to black.

  •  Invoicing: We adjusted the column widths on "tax in-line" templates to accommodate 6-figure amounts.

  • Invoicing: Additional permission matrices were added. If you would like us to update the permissions for any of your users, please contact us at or 865-966-4900.
  Create Edit View Lock Collect Payments or Issue Refunds Unlock Delete Manage Company Settings
invoice_edit x x x          
Invoice_edit_money x x x   x      
submit_invoice x x x x x      
manage-invoice x x x x x x x x
  • We now are able to sort events in grid reports by time (rather than by status).

Event Bin Enhancements

  •  The name of the event now links to the event details page.
  •  You are now able to mass edit the time in the bin.
    • You can change the overall when/where:

    • You can add, remove, or update the Move In/Main Event/Move Out times:

    • With either option, you can choose to shift the timelines as well. Timelines will be shifted relative to the main event start time - for example, if your start time is two hours sooner, then the doors open, showtime, etc will all be moved two hours sooner. If you change the end time, the timelines will not change.

Resource Module Enhancements

  • Resource items can now be marked as “Internal Use”.

    • The item default price will be zeroed out. Item cost is not affected.
    • Items marked “internal use” will not be available to add to invoices.
    • These items can be shown/hidden from custom forms via the option "show internal use items"
    • They can be shown/hidden from reports on the Inventory + Event data source via the option "show internal use items"
  • Each item may now have a "time in" and "time out". This information can be pulled into reports and forms. Please note that these times are only available in 24-hour time.

  • You may now override the cost of a resource item for an event. The default cost from the Resource Library will be displayed. Check the box to enter an override cost.

  • You are now able to add internal instructions for individual resource items on an event, and include them on reports and forms.

    • Why not use the description or comment fields?
      • Descriptions are often used on forms, since you can add a default description in the resource library and then update it as needed for an event
      • Comments are used on invoices
      • These can be used for strictly internal communication
  • Reports on the Inventory + Event Data Source which aggregate resources from child events - the “calendar name(s)” tuple will now display only the location(s) of the child event to which the resources are applied. This is what is already happening in custom forms.

Calendar Day View Enhancements

  • Calendar notes now can be displayed on the day view.
    • Be sure they are turned on in the “General > Notes” section of the Settings
    • Notes on all spaces will display in a new “Notes” section at the top and will be gray as on the other calendar views.                    


    • Notes on a specific calendar will display in that space’s row and will color with the space

  • There is a new setting under Settings > Layout > Day View called “Left justify/span timeline items”.
    • If you are viewing timelines and this setting is off, the timelines will wrap within the time block you have in your settings (15 minute / 30 minute / 1 hour):

    • With this setting on, the timelines will simply be listed with the other event information, using the full width of the event block.

Mobile Site Enhancements

  • The mobile site will now display the date booked.
  • The mobile site will now display event tags.

New Fields for Reports and Forms

  • Inventory Data Source - Resource margin (resource price less resource cost)
    • Resource margin (subtotal) - use this for accounts that do not have back-calculated taxes
    • Resource margin (net subtotal) - for accounts with back-calculated taxes (GST, VAT, etc) this will exclude the back calculated tax from the formula.
  • Normal Event data source - Date/time > Ranges > Overall Event Range - number of hours / number of whole hours
    • This was available on Event (experimental) but not on the older Normal Event data source. Reports built on Event (experimental) cannot be embedded, thus the need for it on Normal Event as well.
  • Calendars Booked + Avails data source - Parent event > Custom Fields - fields are now available for “when” type custom fields on this data source


  • FIXED: When using "Move" to move an event on an e2c reconciled account, the timelines will not move with the event.
  • FIXED: Yom Kippur 2019 is on the wrong day.
  • FIXED: Browser setting causing currency decimal display issues
    • This was affecting clients whose browser was set to a language where a comma is used to denote decimal places
  • FIXED: Error message when trying to add grouping with multiple showtimes / events.
  • FIXED: Unable to override price for specific inventory set (specific to a certain account)
  • FIXED: Showtimes with duration of 0:00 do not display on the calendar Day view
    • Please note that any timeline item that is outside the overall event time range will not display on day view.
  • FIXED: Timeline duration does not save properly
    • When entering a timeline using the “duration” options, certain durations would cut off one minute: 1:15 (saves as 1:14), 2:30 (saves as 2:29), 8:45 (saves as 8:44), 9:45 (saves as 9:44)
  • FIXED: "Create new" ABO popup on the "Add a Journal" button popup assigns previously newly-added ABO's parent to current new ABO even though field appears empty.
  • FIXED: Custom Forms/Reports: "Include MIMO" checkbox doesn't cause MIMO to be included.
    • On the calendar view, if “event timeline” is checked, the MIMO times will now be listed as well.
  • FIXED: User with event_detail_view_multipliers permissions is able to apply and adjust taxes/multipliers