Release Notes: June 2017

This release focused on infrastructure work, and we've included some bugfixes and minor enhancements as well:

  • The "last login" date will no longer include times when support has to log in as a user or when the Outlook/Google calendar publishing feature updates.
  • In the user admin area, you were unable to add an additional email address for a user. This is now fixed.
  • When a report is built using a history preset, you get different results if you preview and then export versus going direct to the export. Fixing this would involve major rewrites to the export engine and we would run the risk of introducing more bugs. Since these reports are a very small percentage of all reports, we will instead instruct users to export directly to PDF or Excel.
  • We updated captions for internal use/non-invoiceable items in the report and custom form builder interfaces so that they were consistent with the user interface.
  • We made some improvements to speed up the back end search.
  • We added some analysis tools to assist us in the future when we migrate accounts to VenueOps.